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Most of the Dension products connect to the electrical or optical system of the car they are installed to. Such connection however does not alter the electrical system of the vehicle, the connection is not materially different then connecting other aftermarket accessories like phone kits, or other entertainment electronics. Dension products are designed to work with the vehicle’s electronic system through the existing factory built original interfaces of that system.

We strongly recommend to have your device installed by a qualified car electronics technician. Dension does not warrant any installation work or assume liability for any damage caused due to negligence, improper installation or operation.

This way:

  • The installation of a Dension product does not require the modification of any electrical component of a vehicle.
  • The installation of a Dension product does not require cutting cables, soldering, or any irreversible action to the wiring of the vehicle. (Except 12 Volts connection in some specific installation cases.)
  • Dension products can typically be removed without any trace (e.g. in case the vehicle is sold), except from the mechanical installation of the cradle option (if used and installed certain ways).
  • Dension also serves several car manufacturers as an OEM partners with products offering very similar features based on similar technology as the consumer products of Dension.