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Dension is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of in-car entertainment systems, producing high quality products and solutions for your car as well as for public transport vehicles. Dension entertainment solutions enable you to connect digital data sources like iPhone, Android phones, iPod, USB, any Bluetooth capable phone or internet radio to the existing audio systems of the car without changing the car interior.

Dension also offers a wide range of service products to ensure entertainment and communication on board with the ease of use and the quality you will not find elsewhere.

Dension is continously growing and our developments enabled us to enter new areas of entertainment and household or industrial electronics.

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Vision and Mission
Dension’s aim is to fulfill a vision of a fully-integrated car entertainment system.

We've made it our mission to enable you to take electronic devices like iPhone, iPod, USB, or any Bluetooth capable phone - and integrate it into your car's existing entertainment system without making any changes to your car interior.